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Dog Walking Service

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Pet Parents is a specialty pet supply store that offers premium quality all-natural pet food, treats, supplies and accessories, dog walking service and home delivery service.

Pet Parents is a part of your local community and supports and sponsors local events through causes that will improve the quality of life within the community.

“Our mission is centered around the caregiving and nurturing of pet lovers’ companions.

We do this by offering premium nutritional foods, treats, and supplements with all-natural and organic ingredients and by educating our customers as to the benefits of each.”

John & Eugenia McNeal, Founders


Feeding your pet high quality ingredients with added benefits to help dogs live long, happy and health lives.

Our nutrition philosophy

We believe that our pets deserve to eat as well as we do. That’s why we only offer premium nutritional foods, treats, and supplements that are made with all-natural and organic ingredients!

    Nutrient-packed ingredients
    like carrots, pumpkin.
  • Vitamins C & E

    Nature's antioxidants to help support your pet's coat and health.
  • Ocean Fish Meal

    A balanced protein to help support muscle growth as well as healthy skin.

Dog Walking Service

Our Dog Walking Service is the best in the state!
  • Real-Time Scheduling

    The mobile app allows you to schedule walks for your pets in real-time.
  • GPS Visit Tracking

    Our GPS maps show a time sequence of where the pet was taken during the appointment.
  • Verified Check-ins

    Our walkers scan in and out of every residence using a special barcode. You will get notifications when the walker checks in and out.
  • Pet Photos

    Walkers can send you photos to show your happy and safe pets while on their walks.


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