Let Us ‘Paws’ For a Moment

If you look to the trees, you will likely see that the leaves are beginning to change in color and this is a fairly reliable indicator that Old Man Winter is on his way. Winter is a time filled with magic and adventure, especially for our fur-babies, and they love taking to the hills with us, pouncing through deep snow, and seeing what’s around the next bend- just as much as we do. But, even with its beauty, winter can be a dangerous time for our fuzzy children.

When our thermometers plummet down into the freezing zone, everything in life goes into survival mode. The plants, the animals, and even humans. Most species have adapted to their locations and habitats over the centuries, growing more protective fur in the colder climates and shedding it in climates where a heavy coat is unnecessary. Because of the fact that some dogs and cats live in areas that they could never have naturally survived without hundreds of years of evolution, a special threat becomes posed for our furry little friends when it’s cold. Think about a Greyhound or Whippet living in Northern Alaska. You get the idea.

Some breeds do just fine outside during winter, and if they could talk they might even tell you they prefer it, but you will still want to take extra precautions and make sure they have the necessities to keep them comfortable and safe. Check out our “Purrrr” It’s Cold Out There: Winter Tips for our best advice on preparing your fur-babies for the coming cold season.

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