1. Schedule Policy

All clients with regularly scheduled or programmed days and time slots will have priority for appointment times over On-Demand clients. Regularly scheduled and programmed slots are always guaranteed.

Should you need to add or change a regularly scheduled walk, your request must be received no later than 48 hours before the scheduled or desired appointment time. Requests made after that time may not be accommodated and you will still be charged for the appointment, if applicable.

2. Cancellation Policy

To cancel a scheduled walk, please make the request via the pet portal no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled service. If you make the request before 48 hours before the appointment to be cancelled, you will not receive a charge for the cancelled visit. If the cancellation notification is received after 48 hours prior to the visit time, you will be charged as normal.

If you do not notify the office and your walker arrives at your home for your scheduled service, you will be charged in full for the visit or visits for that day in an addition to a $9 time-lost surcharge. We will come for visits on-time unless cancellation was properly requested, including during inclement weather.

3. Last-Minute Service Policy

Last-Minute service may be provided for an additional $4.50 surcharge on top of the normal On-Demand rate. We consider a request to be last-minute when the request is made after 6:00pm the night before the requested service day. Last-Minute Services are subject to scheduling constraints, and clients might not receive the desired time slot.

4. Vacation Policy for Regular Weekly Scheduled Clients

We guarantee that should your regularly scheduled caretaker take a vacation, we will still provide complete service for your pet(s). We reserve the right to change caretakers with little to no notice.

If you use services on a regular weekly basis (at least three (3) days per week every week) and would like to go on vacation where our services for your pet(s) are not needed, your regularly scheduled time and service spot will be guaranteed for up to two (2) weeks.

Should you not need our service for more than two (2) weeks, your regularly scheduled spot cannot be guaranteed. Available openings for our service are first come, first served.

5. Pet Care Specialist Policy

For clients who are on a Weekly Walk plan, a professional dog walker specialist will be assigned to each dog. We strive for continuity for the benefit of both the pet and our dog walker specialists, as it is our experience that keeping pets in the care of the same dog walker specialist provides for a more comfortable visit and walking experience. However, in the event of emergencies, sick or vacation days, YiaYia Pet Care reserves the right to send a replacement dog walker specialist to your home. All YiaYia Pet Care walkers are required to submit to background checks, are certified in Pet CPR and First Aid, and are trained on our own pet care standards before they are allowed to care for clients’ pets without supervision.

6. Vaccination Policy

YiaYia Pet Care requires all pets in our care be up-to-date on their State of Maryland vaccinations: Rabies and Distemper, Adenovirus and Parvovirus (DAP), and the highly-recommended Bordetella and Parainfluenza (Kennel Cough). YiaYia Pet Care requires that your pets receive annual vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian.

If topical monthly flea and tick preventatives are administered, YiaYia Pet Care requires that owners update their pet information with the brand of preventative used, for the safety of our dog walkers.

7. Sick Pet Policy

If your pet seems under the weather (vomiting, coughing, loose or bloody stools, lethargy, diarrhea or has been diagnosed with a contagious illness), it is required that service be cancelled. Because of its highly contagious nature, if your dog is diagnosed with kennel cough (Bordetella), YiaYia Pet Care will not offer service for at least 15 consecutive days to provide enough time for your pet to fully recover.

If your dog becomes ill while in our care, you will be contacted immediately. If we cannot get in touch with you to inform you of your pet’s condition and it is an emergency that requires medical attention, we will act on behalf of the dog’s best interests, within reason, at the owner’s expense. We will transport the dog to its primary veterinarian as per our records. If your vet is unavailable, we will take the animal to the nearest veterinary hospital or, if necessary, to an emergency care facility. All medical expenses will be the responsibility of the sick/injured dog’s owner.

8. Reactive/Aggressive Pet Policy

The client will be responsible for all medical/veterinarian expenses and property damage resulting from injury to YiaYia Pet Care dog walkers, other persons or animals as a result of their pet’s actions. Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless YiaYia Pet Care in the event of a claim by any person injured or claiming injury to themselves or their animal by the client’s pet. Client also agrees that it is their responsibility to notify YiaYia Pet Care of any pet that has caused an injury to any human or other animal. If a pet has a history of biting or other aggressive behavior, YiaYia Pet Care reserves the right to refuse service. Bites must be reported to the local authorities according to the law.

9. Weather Policy

On days where our ability to provide service is hindered by inclement weather, i.e., extreme thunder storms, heavy snowing, icy road conditions, etc., walking services may need to be adjusted to compensate for travel time or cancelled altogether. Should you want to cancel due to inclement weather, our cancellation policy above will apply.

In the event of a city-declared emergency, such as inclement weather, we reserve the right to cancel, postpone or reschedule services during the declared emergency.

10. Towel Policy

For safety and to maintain sanitary conditions for your dog(s) and your home, YiaYia Pet Care asks that you provide towels for wiping down your pet(s). Please indicate in your client details section of the pet portal where we can expect to find your dog-appropriate towels if they are not left out with the leash or note if you don’t require your pet to be wiped down.

11. Key Policy

Keys will remain locked securely and accounted for at the Pet Parents administration office. Any other arrangements (key under the doormat, door left unlocked, key left with a neighbor, etc.) are strongly discouraged. If you choose to utilize other arrangements, you agree to release YiaYia Pet Care of all liability regarding the contents, condition and safety of your home.

YiaYia Pet Care requests and strongly encourages that all clients provide two (2) copies of house keys for secure storage at the Pet Parents administration office.

Residents of condominium complexes must sign a Condo Authorization form (enclosed in Welcome Packet) and submit the appropriate form to the condo complex office to authorize the condominium management to allow YiaYia Pet Care Dog Walker(s) access into your residence. In this circumstance, only one (1) key is necessary for our retention.

Should you move from our service area or discontinue our service and do not request your key to be returned, Pet Parents will retain your key for up to one (1) month after the date your service terminates. Beyond that, keys are anonymously shredded/destroyed.

12. Payment Policy

The first month’s payment is due at the time the dog walking services are reserved for the monthly programs. Thereafter, invoices are mailed and/or emailed two weeks prior to end of the service plan for that month. Payment is due no late than the 5th of each month for all monthly programs.

For the weekly payment plans, the initial payment is required at sign-up and require subsequent payments to be on the last day of the week in which you have regularly scheduled services. This option is only available to those clients that use our services on a regularly scheduled basis.

If payment is not received within five (5) days of receipt of invoice or five (5) days following the last day of the week in which you have regularly scheduled services, you will be subject to a 10% late fee of the total owed and services will be suspended until payment is made in full.

YiaYia Pet Care offers two (2) payment options for our clients. 1.) Pet Check Dog Walking Management Software. Our Clients can easily manage their account, set up the billing/paying method that works best for them and pay invoices using our secure credit card processing portal and/or online automated payment option. 2.) Simply walk into Pet Parents and pay your invoice in person.

13. Contact Policy

Please contact us via the Pet Check Dog Walking Management “Easy Account Management” portal for all of your questions, concerns, etc. or to direct questions to your dog walker. If you have a private matter or would like to speak directly to a manger/owner, please call 301.718.8400 or email us at office@petparents.love. The portal and email are checked regularly and responded to immediately.

Our employees’ phones are their personal phones and they are prohibited from using them to carry out Pet Parents (YiaYia Pet Care) business.

All communications are made during Pet Parents’ hours of operations, Monday thru Saturday from 10:00am thru 7:00pm for all dog walking business.